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Stress Reduction

Most business executives and entrepreneurs experience major stress at some point in their lives. The common belief is that the stress has been externally caused by some change taking place in their personal or business life. I use the word externally because the event or situation that is occurring is not the root cause of the stress. The source of the stress is caused by spiritual, emotional and physiological imbalance. The holistic treatment for the root cause of stress is first to assess what is going on with your Body, Mind and Spirit.

It is hard to imagine that the body is a reflection of the mind and spirit, but it is. There is much evidence to support this and even the allopathic medical world has now linked many illnesses to stress. Treatment of bodily stress only, without healing the mind and spirit, will only take you so far. The body stress is just going to manifest again unless you address the root cause. However, just because we may be having major physical problems, it doesn’t mean we are completely broken mentally and/or spiritually, but it certainly is a warning signal. Stress is our external warning signal that we are out of balance. Sometimes external circumstances are so terrible that we feel justified in having a stressful reaction. When you are dealing with a major issue involving health, death, divorce, relatives, the economy, losing a job or a myriad of business problems, a typical response from friends and family might be; “Who wouldn’t be stressed out of their mind?” But the truth is it is our responses to these external circumstances that are causing the stress and it doesn’t have to be that way.

In business the higher we rise up the ladder, the more external stressors we must deal with. The better the executive deals with them, the better his/her chances of success. If your business is struggling, then you might feel justified in blaming the economy, your workforce or whatever external factor you choose. Your business may have a root problem that is causing dysfunction, but even that is not what is causing you to be stressed. It is contributing, but it is not the root cause. While these external stressors play a role, it is critical to your health to determine the source of the stress. And the source is always a spiritual, emotional and therefore physiological imbalance. However, many executives don’t really get to the heart of the very problems in their business, but instead apply countless band-aids to the resulting symptoms that are causing the external stressors to manifest. Oftentimes, the executive does not recognize or is in complete denial as to the source of the problem. Instead of putting his/her head in the sand it is essential that they get help with identifying the source of the external stressors and deal with them no matter how painful it initially appears to be. Once you begin the process of getting to the truth and the heart of the problem, BusinessWise or OtherWise, you have begun the process of healing spiritually because getting to the truth is as spiritual as you can get. Not identifying, facing and dealing with the truth causes spiritual imbalance and therefore, the emotional and ultimately the physiological manifestations that are experienced. You can run, but you cannot hide from the truth. If you don’t deal with the truth of the matter it will bite you in the ass again and again until you do. It may be in some other shape or form, but it will get you. That is unless you get it first.

No matter what the external stressor, businesswise or otherwise there are methods to treat the problem and identify the cause. There are also techniques such as HeartMath ( that can be utilized to immediately reduce stress while finding the root cause of any personal or business problem. That may sound idealistic, but I guarantee it and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. I offer a full satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

If you are interested in reducing your stress level, or a group stress reduction workshop, contact me.

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