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Interim Executive

An Interim Executive is a seasoned professional, who is brought in – as a CEO – to lead an organization during times of transition. The assignment is made on a temporary basis during which the Interim Executive performs all the typical operational duties of a CEO or Executive Director.  It is wise to bring in an Interim Executive as opposed to rushing into a permanent hire.


A company or nonprofit organization might need an interim executive when:


  • A CEO departs willingly or unwillingly for any reason

  • A business turnaround is needed

  • An organization  is in crisis for any reason

  • A restructure is desired due to loss of key personnel

  • Preparation for a merger,  consolidation or an expansion


Allen Hatton has performed as an Interim Executive intermittently for over 20 years. He has led organizations in the private sector as well as nonprofits. While he is experienced in many types of industries and nonprofits it is not necessary that he knows the field of nonprofit or business he is asked to temporarily lead. As a leadership expert, Allen has proven that his management system can be applied to any organization of any size.


With Allen the organization will receive the benefit of an experienced leader, professional manager, executive coach and organizational consultant all wrapped into one. Allen is hired as a 1099 contractor so there is no concern over employee withholding taxes and benefits.


As an Interim Executive, Allen has the unusual opportunity to implement, first-hand those very methodologies, strategies and systems that he has taught other executives in nonprofits, private enterprise, and Fortune 500 organizations, to help them better manage their business.

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