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MasterMind Within



Source Driven Employee Engagement & Motivation


There are many Mastermind groups these days. The terminology was originally created by Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”. Hill states that a MasterMind principle is, “No two minds ever come together without creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

MasterMinds are often formed as a group of people from different businesses, sharing their thoughts and ideas. These groups are great and very helpful to some business owners and executives. Many of these groups often discuss a common problem and that is a lack of motivation by their employees. There are various solutions to this phenomenon, but none as complete and thorough as Allen Hatton’s MasterMind Within program.


Allen has taken the MasterMind concept and applied it to changing the behavior of employees within a company or department. Recent surveys have shown that approximately 66% of all employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. Do you think those folks are motivated – of course not. Many companies create bonus programs and give away trips and other perks to help motivate people. And many of these ideas have their place in the motivation chain, but they are temporary motivators at best just like the old school thinking of using fear.

Oftentimes, the lack of employee motivation is due to not having a system for expressing their ideas or complaints. At best the employees will complain to Human Resources, but unless a sexual harassment complaint is filed, most of their complaints are viewed as just bitching. Many companies have the worst system in the world for hearing employee ideas: the good ole’ suggestion box. Of course, there is never anything in the box and so management continues to blindly stumble along and wonder why their people are not motivated to do their jobs, let alone put in extra effort.

Research has repeatedly shown that money is not the chief motivator. Many surveys show that recognition is the number one motivator. But those surveys do not tell the real story because they do not include the true motivator, in their multiple choice survey questions.


The number one motivator for all employees and managers is Engagement and Involvement.  This includes managers since many of them are not truly empowered by ownership or executive management.


Involvement is truly a spiritual solution in this interdependent universe. We all need each other. We are all one people operating in and as part of one universe and one divine intelligence. Why would a company try to exclude themselves from this universal law? It  is because they are not engaging with their employees in the decision making process and they do not know the power of employee involvement. And even if they do know, the question becomes, how is that done? The answer is to implement a tried and true system: the MasterMind Within program. Trial and error is expensive, so why not choose Allen Hatton, an expert in motivation and behavior-change to get your managers and employees super motivated – now.

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