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Stress Reduction


Getting to the Source of Your Stress



Most business executives and entrepreneurs experience major stress at some point in their lives. The common belief is that the stress has been caused by some external change taking place in their business. I use the word external because the event or situation that is occurring is not the root (internal) cause of the stress. The source of the stressor is an imbalance within your business and ultimately a spiritual and emotional imbalance within yourself.


In business the higher we rise up the ladder, the more external stressors we must deal with. The better the executive deals with them, the better his/her chances of success. If your business is struggling, then you might feel justified in blaming the economy, your workforce or whatever external factor you choose. While these external stressors play a role, it is critical to the long-term health of your business and to yourself to determine the source of the stress.

Many executives don’t really get to the heart of the problems in their business, let alone their personal issues, but instead apply countless band-aids to the symptoms that are causing the external stressors to manifest. Oftentimes, the executive does not recognize or is in complete denial as to the source of the problem. Instead of putting his/her head in the sand it is essential that they get help with identifying the source of the external stressors and deal with them no matter how painful it initially appears to be. Once you begin the process of getting to the truth, you have begun healing your business problem. Not identifying, facing and dealing with the truth causes imbalance in your business. And not identifying and addressing your personal spiritual and emotional imbalances will ultimately lead to a physiological imbalance.

You can run, but you cannot hide from the truth. If you don’t deal with the truth of the situation it will bite you again and again until you do. It may be in some other shape or form, but it will get you. That is, unless you get it first.


Source Driven Solutions

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