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The Guy Who Listened


I was contracted in a Management Consulting/Executive Coaching capacity by a Warren Buffet company (not that Warren knows me). 












The big payoff came after several coaching sessions with the corporate controller. It became obvious to me that this guy was all smoke and mirrors. When I had a closer look at how he managed the accounting department and how disorganized he was I became very concerned.


The controller, who the CEO told me was “wonderful” was working seven days a week, twelve hours a day and getting very little done. Just because he is a CPA doesn’t mean he is a good controller let alone a good manager. This guy was neither.


I told the CEO that the controller was not cooperating with me and that he was dancing around most of my questions. The CEO knew my work and did not hesitate to call corporate headquarters to report my findings. Headquarters called the controller on a Wednesday at close of business and told him that they would be flying in for an audit the next morning. He was fired by Friday afternoon. We then restructured the accounting department.

First year savings: $150,000. And that’s just cold hard cash. What it meant to the organization to get a good controller and functioning accounting department goes way beyond the initial savings.

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