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Allen Hatton works with clients both large and small in business, banking, industry, government, medicine, aerospace and also non-profit organizations. Whether our clients are large or small, we always work at a very personal level with individuals, groups or teams. We have many clients in a wide variety of endeavors and a small sampling of our full client roster is listed below.


Large Organizations
Marriott International, Inc.
Johns Hopkins Medicine
ATK Tactical Systems Company, Inc.
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
Heery International, Inc.

Mid-Market Organizations
Baltimore Development Corporation
Beautify Professional Services
Howard Bank
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Standard Auto Parts
Swirnow Building Systems
Steven F. O'Donnell Steel Distribution

Small Organizations
Bay Associates Environmental, Inc.
Business Carpets and Flooring
Choice Technologies
Clockwork Builders
Corporate Maintenance Group
DigitaLogic, Inc.
Franklin Taylor Services

Graco Construction




Healthcare Organizations
Delaware Department of Public Health
The Johns Hopkins University/Hospital
The University of Illinois School of Public Health

Non-Profit Organizations

Harbor City Services

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

The Springboard Center

United Way of Central Maryland
United Way of Delaware

Individuals (Personal Coaching)
Personal coaching client’s names are confidential

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