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Allen Hatton has experience working with individuals, fortune 500 companies, privately held and family owned businesses and nonprofits. Using his unique combination of Leadership, Management and Executive Coaching skills, Allen will identify what is blocking your company, department or an individual from peak performance. He offers source driven strategies and solutions to restore or increase profitability and productivity, BusinessWise and OtherWise.



“I have enjoyed and thrived with Allen as my Executive Coach. He has been an excellent business coach, helping me to achieve optimum performance, providing support when I needed it and teaching me to more effectively manage. He tells me like it is, is always there to listen and knows when to stop being a coach and just be a friend. I will always be grateful for his guidance.”


Barbara Shuster, Director Global Incentives, Marriott International, Inc.

"Allen has given me a simple system for making people want to be accountable for their own actions, and in turn, allowing me to hold them accountable. The results have been a positive effect on individual and team performance."


Preston Schwartz, (Retired) Vice President Corporate Identity Management, Marriott International, Inc.

"Allen's CEO experience and ability to strategize helps me significantly as we talk through various work related situations helping me to make better informed decisions and greatly reducing my stress level."


Drew Langloh, President, United Way of Delaware

"Allen has this sort of sixth sense. He doesn't just listen to the words being said. He is able to get to the core of the matter. His wide range of business experience and wisdom allows him to quickly zero in on an issue providing invaluable, accurate feedback and solutions."


Kelly O'Brien, President, Turning Pointe Press


“We have made tremendous progress implementing Allen’s recommendations. Everyone seems very pleased with the re-organization, and it has freed up my time for fund-raising. Overall, it's been a big success. Allen does great work!”


Paul Brandt-Rauf, DrPH, MD, ScD, Dean, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

"Allen is like a mirror reflecting our desires. He sees a problem and has simple suggestions and solutions in resolving our needs. Allen is an expert at what he does."


Ali Khorramshahi, President, DigitaLogic, Inc.

"The social enterprise that I ran had a need for balance between money and mission. I needed patient advice. Allen’s genuine interest in my work made it easier for me to integrate his observations into my efforts. If the essence of consulting is authenticity, he delivered."


John D. Herron, MSW, MBA, CEO, Harbor City Services, Inc.

Interim Executive

"Updating and implementing changes to management policies (at The Arc of the Central Chesapeake) was a major undertaking.  Allen successfully accomplished this goal through an inclusive management style that increased employee engagement, and also increased employee accountability (with love).


"Allen went above and beyond the call of duty, and definitely beyond the requirements of his contract, as Interim Executive Director of The Arc.  It was apparent that Allen was dedicated to both facilitating the mission of The Arc and preparing the organization for its permanent Chief Executive Officer.  I strongly recommend Allen Hatton to any organization."


Stephan Y. Brennan, President Board of Directors, The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

"Allen proved to be an exceptional leader and manager. His insightful coaching skills, inclusive management style and quick grasp of organizational inefficiencies guided Springboard through a difficult transitional period. Upon his arrival, Allen quickly and skillfully assessed the situation and engendered respect and loyalty from the staff while improving morale and productivity."


Fred Westmoreland, President Board of Directors, The Springboard Center, Inc.

"At the outset Allen “hit the ground running” and began addressing the problems which appeared overwhelming to say the least. Almost from day one the morale of the treatment team began to improve. This was a result of a Management style he introduced and labeled a “MasterMind” approach in which problems were addressed in an orderly and solution oriented manner. Individual employees were allowed to present their input and recommendations and given the sense that they were being heard and that their opinions were valuable."


Dennis M. Shaughnessy, MD, ABAM, Medical Director, The Springboard Center, Inc.

"Allen served as Interim President of RAR Outdoor Services'  and did a most commendable job. His programs reduced costs and increased sales. His efforts contributed to the fact that a national landscaping company decided to purchase the company. Allen's management and communication skills are beyond reproach and I highly recommend him to any business owner."


Richard A. Rothstein, Owner, RAR Outdoor Services, Inc. (Now - Brickman Group)

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