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People Strategies


Source Driven Strategies for Big Results



Normally, when we ask a CEO or department head what seems to be the problem they will tell us they are losing money, not making enough money or that they have poor productivity. Often, the root cause of the problem is the lack of a good workflow and/or management system. Sometimes the source of a problem is an individual manager or employee. The CEO or department head is often conflicted because the problem employee is not flat out terrible, but excels in some areas, and not in others. In family businesses the problem employee may be a relative. And in privately held firms, the problem employee may have been part of the “startup” or a friend of the owner. The problem could be an employee going through a personal crisis and suddenly they become non-functional. The worst case scenario is that there is an entire department or work force that is mostly or partly dysfunctional. These situations are difficult to sort out and are often thought of as unsolvable. However, a source driven people strategy will solve the problem.

We have a proven methodology to uncover employee and management dysfunction. Many times managers expect an employee to produce the same results they did when holding that same position. Even worse managers think they can get that same performance with little or no managing of the employee. If you have a strong people strategy in place, it is not necessary to have all top grade employees on your team. An overarching people strategy and management system will cause everyone to improve. Research has shown that only five percent of the work-force are self-starters requiring little management. The other ninety-five percent will perform much better with a people management system in place.


When a person is just not the right fit for the job or the company it is often difficult to see that that is the real problem. This is tough to look at and very difficult to deal with. We can help you through this type of situation in the least painful manner for both the manager and the employee.


We offer source based strategies producing solutions that are the best for all concerned.


Source Driven Solutions

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