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Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

Changing the name of this blog has been a trip-and-a-half for me. I have received some excellent life lessons and have reminded myself during the process to practice what I teach. Because of the negative response I received from the name change announcement I began to question the wisdom of the change. Additionally, I was not particularly thrilled with any of the names that I was coming up with, nor was anyone I spoke to about the names. I did some grandmother research (not an adequate sample taken for any statistical accuracy) as well as consulting with a longtime creative writing professional. The result was to leave the name alone. I was still not comfortable with the name and knew that it would not effectively communicate with a larger and more diversified international audience. Finally, I met with one of my spiritual advisors and coach who reminded me that going within was where the true answer would be found. This of course is not only a spiritual solution, but also the coach approach that I have used for many years. I could have done more extensive market research, but remember, this blog is like a radio station that only “plays what it wants.”

Ultimately, when a decision must be made, the best leaders will analyze the data, consult their advisors and then decide with their heart (gut). Many of us, including myself, can get caught up in our heads over analyzing or over intellectualizing a situation. Many of the people I work with are extremely smart and are accustomed to relying on their intellect. While the intellect is a wonderful tool, it’s the combination of the head and heart that makes for the best decisions. I help people to sort out what is in their head and help connect them to their heart which allows for the development of a more effective strategy, businesswise or otherwise.

When I got back on course by seeking the answer within, the name came to me, one that I was happy with and excited about. Then another name came, and another. I ended up using all of them. The first that came to me is the new name of the blog, the second is the tagline and the third – a sign-off tagline.

I have been using spirit driven strategies and solutions to help my consulting and coaching clients to improve their lives and businesses for more than twenty years. The wisdom of the strategies and solutions I offer have been developed from knowledge and experience gained through nineteen years of education, thirty-five years of spiritual study, forty years in business, life itself, and of course, my intuition.

We must manage our lives and our business together as one naturally affects the other. If we are to gain improvement in either our personal life or in our business, we must make some kind of change in order to evolve. No doubt you are familiar with the old definition of insanity which is, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Personally, I am attempting to make change on a regular basis. When I look back over my life, I can see that most of my problems have come as a result of remaining status quo. The universe is constantly moving and changing, therefore, if we are standing still, we are going to get hit by the proverbial bus. And that bus usually is “misery” in some degree. That doesn’t mean you are changing jobs or spouses (although it could), it just means that you are changing within – growing mentally and spiritually.

If you are going to do something different, then I highly recommend a strategy be developed and implemented. I have found in most businesses and institutions, that what is lacking the most, is strategy (with accountability a close second). There doesn’t appear to be any time for a well thought out strategy or the follow-up accountability necessary for implementation and completion, BECAUSE everyone is too busy running around with their hair on fire. And that is BECAUSE they don’t have a proper strategy with a follow-up accountability system in the first place.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each situation that comes along and therefore the reading of this blog may help you with your business and/or your personal life (otherwise).

I came up with the sign-off tagline, Your Head--Coach, because I coach people to sort out what is running around in their head. And then I help them get in touch with their heart so they can make decisions that are in their highest and best interest.

If you want personalized attention to your specific business or life situation(s), then contact me at

I hope you like the new name as well as my new sign off. However, I am reminded as I write this that you can’t please all the people all the time.

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